BESDATA APT5008 Recovery Boots

BESDATA APT5008 recovery boots are composed of the master machine and 8 chamber cuffs for legs, arms, waist, or the full body. Some benefits of our products include reduced blood clots, removed lactic acid buildup, reduced soreness after exercise, improved blood circulation, improved oxygen distribution, and more.

Advantages of APT5008 Recovery Boots

  • 8 chamber cuffs with normal or overlapping design options.
  • You will have a better muscular recovery after strenuous activity throughout the day.
  • You will have better blood flow and oxygen distribution.
  • You will feel lesser pain or aching after increased metabolism of lactic acid.
  • You begin to have toned muscles.
  • 6 therapy modes for you to choose from, with pressure ranging from 30mhg to 250mhg.
APT5008 recovery boots video cover

BESDATA recovery boots offer a nice design with a digital board and 6 therapy modes.

Mode A is the common relaxing massage, the effective hand-massage type.

Mode B is for lymphatic edema or DVT prevention and treatment.

Mode C is deep massage for the recovery of muscles.

Mode D is for slimming legs, arms, and waist.

Mode E is for blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Mode F combines functions from modes A+C+D.

Improved Blood Flow, Shortened Recovery Time

BESDATA recovery boots help loosen up muscles pre-workout by improving blood flow, and prevent stiffness post-workout by facilitating the breakdown of lactic acid.

APT5008 helps prevent and treat various diseases related to blood circulation in arteries, including lymphatic edema.

APT5008 recovery boots Detail
APT5008 recovery boots Detail

Remove Lactic Acid, Reduce Muscle Soreness

When you finish rigorous exercise, your muscles are stressed and you feel pain due to a lot of lactic acid accumulating in your body. You can use BESDATA recovery boots for helping your body remove lactic acid. Thus, you can prevent soreness and be prepared to exercise again tomorrow!

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