BESDATA APT5006 Recovery Boots

BESDATA APT5006 recovery boots are also part of the air compression therapy system.  Compression therapy is a way of healing that uses controlled pressure, which helps you increase the blood flow and supports your veins to avoid swelling.

BESDATA APT5006 recovery boots consist of one master machine and alternative accessory cuffs for legs, arms, and waist. We even offer full-body suits.

Advantages of BESDATA APT5006 Recovery Boots

  • You will have a more improved muscular recovery after an intense activity throughout the day.
  • You will have better blood circulation.
  • You will feel lesser pain or aching.
  • You begin to have toned muscles.
  • You can choose from 6 therapy modes with pressure ranging from 30mhg to 250mhg.
Video Cover APT5006 Recovery Boots

You can operate BESDATA recovery boots using a digital panel with 6 operation modes as below:

Mode A: Normal massage mode, helping to relax.

Mode B: For lymphatic edema or DVT prevention and treatment

Mode C: Deep massage for sports recovery for muscles

Mode D: Leg/ arm/ waist slimming

Mode E: Speed up blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

Mode F: Mix functions of modes A+C+D

Improved Blood Circulation and Shorten Recovery Time

BESDATA APT5006 recovery boots will help you loosen up your muscles before a workout, after a workout. These boots also speed up lactic acid metabolism. The accelerated circulation of blood also helps prevent and treat various diseases related to blood circulation, including lymphatic edema. Such prevention also helps shorten recovery time, which is perfect for athletes.

APT5006 recovery boots Detail
APT5006 recovery boots

Reduce Muscle Soreness

After sports, the muscle is stressed more than it has been conditioned for. And so, we get painfully sore due to the lactic acid accumulation. With BESDATA air compression recovery boots, you will feel relief.

Increase Flexibility and Range of Movement

It is crucial for athletes to increase their flexibility and range of movement. Also, increasing flexibility may be part of rehabilitation or to prevent stiffness in older people. APT5006 helps improve the range of movement of joints and the flexibility of muscles.

APT5006 recovery boots
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