BESDATA APT5004 Recovery Boots

BESDATA recovery boots are becoming more and more popular among athletes and some patients. APT5004 recovery boots consist of one machine and alternative accessory cuffs for legs, arms, and waist. These cuffs have 4 chambers.

The BESDATA recovery boots help improve blood circulation, as well as prevent DVT, lymph edema, and inflammation.

Advantages of BESDATA APT5004 Recovery Boots

  • 6 working modes for therapy.
  • 30~250mmHg adjustable pressure with 30mmHg per step.
  • 4-chamber system
  • Accessories include leg, arm, and wrist cuffs available in multiple sizes.
  • Normal chamber and overlapping chamber options.
  • Logo printed on the machine and on available accessories.
Video Cover APT5004 Recovery Boots

BESDATA recovery boots have a cutting-edge design with a digital board and 6 therapy modes:

Mode A: Effective relaxing massage; it works similar to a massage chair.

Mode B: Therapy mode specifically for treating lymphatic edema and preventing DVT.

Mode C: Deep massage to relax muscles.

Mode D: Massage for slimming leg/arm/waist.

Mode E: Improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Mode F: Mix functions of modes A+C+D.

BESDATA recovery boots work by inflating and deflating the air cuffs surround your limb. This therapeutic massage helps improve blood circulation, so that various illnesses, such as lymphatic edema, could be treated.

Reduced Lactic Acid, Reduced Muscle Soreness

The reason why we feel tired after a strenuous exercise is mainly because of the lactic acid.  BESDATA recovery boots improve blood circulation, facilitating the metabolism of lactic acid. Therefore, with BESDATA recovery boots you will not feel muscle soreness even after extensive exercise.

APT5004 recovery boots Detail
APT5004 recovery boots Detail

Increase Flexibility and Range of Movement

It is important for people who attend a wide variety of sporting activities to increase their flexibility and range of movement. APT5004 recovery boots help you to do this by interrupting the onset of stiffness that results from strenuous exercise. Keep your body healthy and in shape with our recovery boots!

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