BESDATA Unique Disposable Anesthesia Stylet

Flexible anesthesia stylet, for orotracheal intubation and nasotracheal intubation.




BESDATA Anesthesia Stylets - Always Better Solutions For Airway Management

In China, BESDATA has a 10-year-experienced Anesthesia Stylets manufacturing company. COVID-19 checklist in China recommends our BESDATA disposable stylet and disposable video laryngoscope to keep doctors away from patients’ secretions. When it comes to Anesthesia Stylets, BESDATA will be your best option.

BESDATA Anesthesia Stylets


1, Disposable anesthesia stylet avoid cross infection especially during the pandemic.

2, 5.0mm size suitable for adult intubation.

3, Rigid stylet body allows the strength to push forward the ETT. Flexible tip available for any shape you desired.

4, Could intubated from nose, flexible tip is less damaging to the patient.

5, Works with BESDATA 7” video monitor, perfect intubation tool in Operation Room.

anesthesia stylets
anesthesia stylets

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • A decade of Anesthesia Stylets manufacturing experience.
  • With cutting-edge technology and years of R&D experience.
  • Anesthesia Stylets ODM support.
  • It has an ergonomic design that makes intubation and holding the device simple.
  • We are an FDA/CE/CFDA certified Anesthesia Stylets suppliers.
  •  Passed with an ISO13485 quality system.

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3, Do you need to disinfect anesthesia stylet before using?

4, How to use an anesthesia stylet for intubation?

anesthesia stylets

Advanced Technology Anesthesia Stylets

anesthesia stylets video cover 1
anesthesia stylets video cover 1

BESDATA Anesthesia Stylets

Why not buy an Anesthesia Stylets from BESDATA if you’re looking for a high-quality product? We are deserving of your trust and visit. Here you will find the best Anesthesia Stylets at a low price. We’re an FDA/CE/CFDA-certified Anesthesia Stylets manufacturer with an ISO13485 quality system.

In China, BESDATA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Anesthesia Stylets. We also have a cutting-edge manufacturing line, as well as a trained and skilled designer. Our expertise in this field allows us to develop advanced technology for the industry. Get in touch with us right away!

Why Besdata Anesthesia Stylets Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Anesthesia Stylets

Do you need dependable Anesthesia Stylets for your company or project? BESDATA is the most knowledgeable company in China! We’ve been in the market for over a decade, and we’ve worked with over 1000 highly qualified distributor worldwide. You can rely on us for all of your Anesthesia Stylets requirements.

In China, we are your dependable Anesthesia Stylets manufacturing company. BESDATA Anesthesia Stylets offers three dimensions of vital signs stylets for intubation such as neonatal, pediatric, and adult. All of them are suitable with endotracheal tubes varying sizes from 2.5 to 10.0 and can be defined to make intubation easier. 

Anesthesia Tracheal Endotracheal Tube Stylet, Airway Intubation Anesthesia Stylet, Intubation Core Anesthesia Stylet, Video Laryngoscope Anesthesia Stylet, and other types of Anesthesia Stylets are available at BESDATA. We also provide complete customization of Anesthesia Stylets to fulfill your needs and applications.

Anesthesia Stylets Advantages

  • It helps to reduce the risk of aspiration.
  • Providing 100 percent oxygen for ventilation.
  • Eliminating the mask-to-face seal.
  • Assisting in tracheal suctioning.

BESDATA, as a professional supplier, offers a complete variety of high-quality goods for life science researchers and educators, as well as clinical applications, such as Anesthesia Stylets. All BESDATA Anesthesia Stylets products are ISO-compliant. Examine our extensive Anesthesia Stylets product ranges to see how they may help your company.

Our selection of BESDATA Anesthesia Stylets is quite affordable. Because of our deep expertise and significant experience, we can offer a wide variety of Anesthesia Stylets that range in measurements, features, and other characteristics. We’re an FDA/CE/CFDA-certified Anesthesia Stylets manufacturer with an ISO13485 quality system.

Every year, BESDATA visits more than eight professional medical fairs (FIME, MEDICA, CMEF, ARAB Health) and anesthetic conferences (ASA, ESA…) worldwide, establishing workshops and training courses in collaboration with our local distributors. If your MOQ is 100 units, BESDATA can provide your own label customized service in Anesthesia Stylets.

BESDATA produces Anesthesia Stylets using the most creative and cutting-edge production lines and technologies. We have spent many years in this profession, perfecting everything in the production of Anesthesia Stylets. We promise our clients can trust us for high-quality Anesthesia Stylets, the best before and after-sales assistance, quick response, and faster delivery.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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