BESDATA Alligator Clip Cable

BESDATA alligator clip cable is composed of TPU wire with 10 strands of wire core and a crocodile clip. The connector is the 1.5 mm DIN type, which could use with most brands of EEG devices.

There are 2 main types of clips BESDATA offers: type A and type B.

BESDATA Alligator Clip Cable Advantages

  • Use with EEG electrodes for precise measurement.
  • Easy machining and processing.
  • 10 color-coded TPU wires for easy positioning.
  • 5 mm DIN versatile connector.
Alligator Clip Cable


Product Name EEG alligator electrodes cable
Cup material Copper-coated nickel, or stainless steel coated with nickel
Cable length 1.5m
Cable material TPU
Cable color Red, white, green, black, grey, brown, blue, purple, orange, yellow
Shielding wire Optional
Warranty 1 year
Order Number Cable Length
E071010 1.0m
E071015 1.5m
E071020 2.0m
E071025 2.5m
E071030 3.0m
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