Accessories for Prewired Head Caps

BESDATA offers some accessories for EEG caps.

There are 2 kinds of material for empty EEG caps.

One material is nylon combined with lycra. This material is breathable and easy to dry after cleaning. Also, it is mostly used in clinical EEG caps.

Another material is double-layer nylon combined with spandex, which is thicker and more durable than the first material. Because of the spandex, it has high elasticity, making it suitable for research projects.

Empty EEG Caps With/Without Holes

  • Routine holes sized starting from 4 mm.
  • Proper position labels could be optional.
  • Two materials to choose from: a) breathable nylon with lycra, b) double-layer nylon with spandex.
Accessories for Prewired Head Caps video cover
Product Name Order Number
Empty EEG Caps with Hole A3000.001
Empty EEG Caps without Hole A3000.002
Non-sterile syringe of 30ml A2000.001
Blunted needle A2002.001
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